The Glacier’s Edge Council wants every Cub Scout to experience both Day Camp and Sleepover Camp this summer and the Camp Card Program is designed to help Scout's get there. A Camp Card is a discount card that sells for $5 and has multiple discounts that the customer can use throughout the year. Participating Units will earn a 50% commission, which is $2.50 cents, for each card they sell. The sale begins in February and end on April 20th. The program is risk free, the Unit pays nothing up front and can return any unsold cards.

UNIT INCENTIVE PROGRAM: To improve the value of our Council Camp Card for the 2019 sale, we are inviting our Units to help us in securing discounts for the card. The more discounts we can secure, the higher the value of the card and the easier it will be for Scouts to sell. Based on how many discounts we receive we may do specialized cards for specific regions or Districts.

Unit Merchant Discount Incentive Program:
We are offing the following incentive for units who help us find and secure Merchant discounts for the card. 
          - Secure a merchant discount used Council wide, and the Unit will earn a $150. 
          - Secure a merchant discount used only for a region or District, and the Unit will earn a $50. 

All submissions must be received via the Merchant Agreement form to by December 7th, 2018. On December 14th the vendors will be selected for the card. Not all submissions will be selected. Both the Unit and the Merchant will be informed if their discount was or was not selected for the card. Unit Incentives are only awarded to Units whose merchant discount is selected for the 2019 card. Secure a better discount to improve your chances.

CLICK HERE for Merchant Agreement and full details.


     DECEMBER 7th - Merchant Agreements Due for Unit Incentive Program 
     DECEMBER - Unit and Family Commitments
     FEBRUARY – Camp Cards are available to sell. (Should be in by the 15th)
     FEBRUARY - APRIL - Camp Card Sale                                                                                     
     APRIL - Unit's can settle anytime in April (Money & Extra Cards turned in)                                                               
     APRIL 19th - Last day for settlement at 50% commission.  
          - After April 19th commission drops to 30% and campership prizes will not be honored.


Glacier's Edge Council - Boy Scouts of America - 608-310-7300