Our Council is divided into geographic areas known as Districts. District leaders ensure the growth and success of the units within the their territory. These responsibilities are broken into four categories.
The end result of effective district support is more youth members receiving the mountain-top Scouting experience.

1. Membership: The District Membership committee works to grow Scouting in our communities, they strive to recruit more youth into our program and retain those who are currently members. They build relationships with chartered partners and work to create new scouting units in areas that are underserved.
2. Finance: The District Finance committee is responsible for the financial aspects of Scouting. They assist units with their finances, providing fundraising opportunities and trainings on proper budgeting practices. They foster relationships with current supporters of Scouting and work to develop relationships with new supporters. They raise the funds required to get more families involved in our great program.
3. Program: The District Program committee concentrates on ensuring Scouts receive the mountain-top experience. They create and provide program experiences for the youth. These experiences can include: Camporees, Day Camps, Summer Camps, Merit Badge Fairs, etc. They work to ensure that every leader is trained and provide leadership trainings during the year. They help unit leaders understand Scouting's advancement program and help young men become Eagle Scouts. They promote and encourage attendance and  participation in service projects, summer camp and other events.
4. Unit Service: The Unit Service function of the District is carried out through Commissioner Service. Commissioners are experienced Scouters who help chartered organizations and unit leaders achieve the aims of Scouting. Commissioners are the unit leaders best friend, they work with them, they provide coaching and consultation to help ensure the success of every Scouting unit.


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