Membership Recruitment Overview
Inviting new families to join Scouting is the most important thing we can do. Every fall, each Scouting unit runs a Membership Recruitment Event, School Night for Scouting/Join Scout Night. Membership recruitment is so important that it is recommended that every unit have a dedicated unit membership chair to organize, plan and execute these events.


District Membership Kick-offs & Trainings

     Aug 14th - Wisconsin River, 6:30pm at Christ Lutheran Church in Spring Green
     Aug 15th - Indian Trails, 6:30pm at St. John Vianney
     Aug 15th - Mohawk, 7:00pm at Covenant Presbyterian Church
     Aug 16th - Yahara, 7:00pm at the Madison Service Center


Cub Scout Recruitment Information

     CLICK HERE for the Cub Membership Playbook - Full with Appendix  (Being updated for 2018)       

     CLICK HERE for the Steps to a Quality School Night for Scouting

     CLICK HERE for Unit Flyer Order Form - Fillable (Flyers are Full Family Images, unless specified - "boy only")

     CLICK HERE for the Leader Training PowerPoint

     CLICK HERE for Unit Presentation to Parents PowerPoint

     CLICK HERE for Pack Leadership Needs Form

     CLICK HERE for Cub Scout Directional Signs                                                                                                       

     CLICK HERE for Parent Information Guide (Being updated for 2018)

     CLICK HERE for Using Social Media to Market your Unit 


Boy Scout & Venturing Recruitment Information          

     CLICK HERE for the Boy Scout Playbook        

     CLICK HERE for Unit Flyer Order Form - Fillable


Glacier's Edge Council - Boy Scouts of America - 608-310-7300