Unit Re-Chartering
Every year, from October through December, all units (packs, troops, teams, crews, posts) renew their affiliation with Scouting. Through the process, chartered organizations and members update their information, pay their registration fees and renew their Boy's Life subscriptions. A representative of each unit completes the renewal process online by indicating returning members, adding new members and updating information for individuals or the chartered organization.

For Questions on Re-charter, please contact your Unit Commissioner, District Commissioner or District Executive. 

     CLICK HERE for the Online Re-charter System

Steps to Success!

STEP 1. Attend your District’s Re-Charter Kickoff and Receive your Access Code.
STEP 2. By October 25, Register online and complete online steps 1 - 2.
STEP 3. By Nov 15, Inventory your Members and Collect Fees.
STEP 4. By Nov 22 , Complete online steps 3-5: Update the Unit Roster and Submit to Council.
STEP 5. By Dec 3 Obtain Signatures and Collect Missing Items.
STEP 6. Turn in paperwork at your District Recharter Turn-In (WILD BEAST FEAST)!

Re-Charter Documents and Information

     CLICK HERE for the Re-charter Training Flyer          

     CLICK HERE for the Re-charter Turn-in Worksheet

     CLICK HERE for the 2020 Per Person Insurance Fee

     CLICK HERE for GEC Re-charter PowerPoint Training



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