Advancement Overview
The mission of the Boy Scouts of America is to prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Scout Law. Every Scouting activity moves youth toward four aims: character development, citizenship training, leadership, and mental and physical fitness. Advancement is one of the eight methods used by Scout leaders to help youth fulfill the aims of the BSA.

Corona Virus / COVID-19: Advancement Guidance (in COVID-19 FAQ)    Restart Scouting: Checklist


Scoutbook is the BSA web app that makes tracking advancement easier and faster. Scoutbook is a Scout's advancement record in the 'cloud' and is directly connected to the BSA National advancement database. This means more time for leaders and Scouts to enjoy those life-changing experiences they can’t get anywhere but Scouting. The Glacier's Edge Council strongly encourages all our units to utilize this powerful tool.  Scoutbook strengthens every unit scouting program by enhancing leadership efficiently for tracking and recording advancements, uploading photos and videos, sending messages to scouting families, planning events and tracking activities.

     Scoutbook Training

     Advancmement Approvals in Scoutbook


Internet Advancement 2.0

Internet Advancement 2.0 (IA2) is for units not using Scoutbook to report awards (including merit badges) and advancement to the Council.  IA2 [formerly anticipated to be referred to as 'Scoutbook Lite'] was released on May 23, 2019 within and the original Internet Advancement interface (via ScoutNet) was retired on June 10, 2019.

Effective June 10, 2019, Glacier's Edge Council Scoutshop began following National Council recommendations and is no longer accepting hand written advancement reports or advancement reports generated by 3rd party software.  Reports from Scoutbook or IA2 are required to purchase advancement-related awards.

Units that continue to use 3rd party software can upload a TXT file to IA2 (contact your software provider to confirm the format is compatible with IA2) and then provide the purchase order/advancement report from IA2 in order to purchase advancement-related awards (including merit badges).

Units who currently use other forms of advancement tracking (e.g., spreadsheets or paper) must enter all advancement and awards into IA2 and then provide the purchase order/advancement report from IA2 in order to purchase advancement-related awards (including merit badges).

     Internet Advancement 2.0 Resources         Log onto IA2 via:  = Menu > Legacy Web Tools


Unit Advancement Resources:

     Unit Advancement Responsibilities               Every Unit Needs an Advancement Coordinator/Chair

     BSA Guide to Advancement  (also available as a downloadable PDF) - 2019 Version

     Unit Advancement Records Retention Recommendations

     Advancement News (National)

     BSA Adult Application [attach Youth Protection Training (YPT) certificate]

     Free Rank Badge Program (Glacier's Edge Council)


Cub Scout Advancement Resources (National)


Scouts BSA Advancement Resources:

     Scout Program Advancement Resources (National)

     Merit Badge Requirements (National)

     How to Complete a Blue Card for a Merit Badge

    Eagle Scout Resources:

Council Life-to-Eagle Process Flow Chart

Council Eagle Scout Service Project Process               Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook (National) - Current Version

Eagle Project Idea Generator (NESA)                          Boy's Life Eagle Scout Project Showcase

Eagle Scout Service Project Request (on-line form) - for Beneficiaries

Glenn and Melinda Adams Eagle Scout Service Project of the Year Award (ESSPY) - Applications due annually by Jan 21

Council Eagle Scout Rank Application Process               Eagle Scout Rank Application (National) - Current Version

Council Eagle Rank Application Reference Process               Eagle Reference Request Letter Template

Eagle Court of Honor - Council Recommendations

2019 Eagle Scout Temporary Transition Rules updated 8/2020 (National)          2019 Eagle Extension Requests

COVID-19 Eagle Extension Process

     Merit Badge Counselors (MBC):      

          Council Merit Badge Counselor Registration/Approval Process (a list of MBCs approved by the Council is available on Scoutbook)

A Guide for Merit Badge Counseling (National)

Merit Badge Counselor Application [attach BSA Adult Application (see Unit Resources above) for Position Code 42]

Council Policy on Merit Badges that require Special Certifications

How do I Know if I'm registered as a Merit Badge Counselor?

How do I find Merit Badge Counselors on Scoutbook?

     Merit Badge Clinics:

Council Merit Badge Clinic Policies & Application Form

Merit Badge Clinic/Group Instruction Guide (National)

Reporting Merit Badge Counseling Concerns


Venturing Advancement Resources (National)


Special Awards:

     Council/District Awards Approval Process

     Awards Central (National)

     Religious Emblems Program (National)

     Guide to Awards and Insignia (National)

     Super Nova Awards (National)

     Council Nova Counselor / SuperNova Mentor Registration Process

          Nova Counselor:  use BSA Adult Application (see Unit Resources above) for Position Code 58

          Super Nova Mentor Application [attach BSA Adult Application (see Unit Resources above) for Position Code 52]


Advancement Educational Presentations (National)


Council Advancement Committee:

     Council Advancement Responsibilities               District Advancement Responsibilities

     Building Effective Advancement Committees

     Council/District Eagle Representative Roles & Responsibilities

     Council & District Advancement Data & Key Performance Indicators - 2019 End of Year Data

     Advancement Chairs:

          Indian Trails:                   Todd Praneis                         Scoutbook Champion:           Volunteer needed

          Mohawk:                         Kyle Wilson                           Eagle Representatives:          Bob Qauckenboss

          Wisconsin River:             Darcy Berlin                          Hornaday Awards:                 Chris Beaver

          Yahara:                            Dan Maahs                            STEM/NOVA Awards:             Bryan Anders

          Glacier's Edge Council:    Ed Elder                                Religious Awards:                  Volunteer needed

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