The Glacier’s Edge Council Camps provide a great camping experience for thousands of Scouts each year. This success of our Summer Camps requires that we hire the best individuals that Scouting has to offer. ARE YOU UP TO THE CHALLENGE?

The Glacier’s Edge Council looks for the very best of our Scouts and Scouters to serve as members of the Summer Camp Staff annually. The work is hard and demanding; the experience rewarding. Summer Camp jobs offer invaluable skill-building, leadership, training, and enrichment opportunities that can’t be found anywhere else! Regardless of your college major, camp experiences allow you to learn and develop skills that will enhance your job marketability. The benefits go far beyond a paycheck, too. Business executives often note that experience as a camp counselor translates into excellent management and personnel skills. College credit can sometimes be obtained from working at camp. Check with your college adviser to see if you qualify.

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  • Paid staff must be 16 years old by the beginning of summer camp.  (Some 15 year old individuals who have gone through the CIT program may be considered for a paid position)
  • 14 year olds may serve as Counselors in Training, which is a non-paid position, but does include room and board for the time the Scout is on staff.
  • Salaries begin at $210.00 per week.
  • Employment dates vary. For detailed information on this contact us at 610-310-7300
  • Staff lives on site and are provided sleeping quarters, food, program materials and training to do his or her job effectively.
  • Jobs are open to both male and female applicants.
  • All staff must pledge to the staff Code of Conduct and comply with all policies of the Glacier's Edge Council and the Boy Scouts of America.
  • Employment is at will and is seasonal in nature.
  • Questions? Contact Oliver Dupree, Ed Bryant Scout Reservation Camp Director, (608) 335-2243

Positions Available

Kitchen Director
This is a great summer job for people in the food industry.  Responsiblities include inventory maintainance, kitchen staff supervision, meal preparation and have fun along the way.  Candidtates should be 21 years old or older.  Training provided when necessary.  The kitchen is well equipped and specializes in institutional food preparation.

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Glacier's Edge Council - Boy Scouts of America - 608-310-7300